Philippine Outreach

Discipleship Training in the Philippines

Philippine Outreach - The Hope Foundation

Another way we are reaching out  is through the Leyte/Samar Discipleship Training School located in Tacloban City, Philippines. Under the direction of Larry Womack, along with a Filipino staff formed from previous graduates, the commission Jesus gave is being fulfilled of “Go… and make disciples.”  Matthew 28:19-20




Larry Womack

During their five month course the students are grounded in God’s Word to form a solid spiritual foundation in their lives. Classes are held 5 days a week.  Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons they are given  hands on opportunities for evangelistic ministry by assisting in the feeding programs.  The students help prepare the meals along with preparing the Bible story they will share with the children.




Bobbie Womack

While the students are with us they are provided for completely at no charge to them their housing, school materials and all meals.  Our goal is to equip the Filipinos to reach out to their own nation and as a result of this goal many graduates are going forth to plant churches throughout the Philippine Islands. This school began June 1988 and through the years we have graduated some 800 students many of whom have gone on to be church planters and pastors.


Feeding Programs in The Philippines

In the Philippines we have established several feeding programs that provide a nutritious meal to 1000+children a month on the island of Leyte.The Philippine feeding programs are directed by Bobbie Womack and a trained staff, along with the Bible students assist in taking food into the Filipino villages. Upon arrival at the feeding site the children gather and we begin with singing fun Bible action songs then they hear Bible stories and learn Bible verses. It is life changing to see these kids standing in the mud waiting to get a plate of food and singing “God is so good ”. With 44 percent of the Philippine population surviving on less than $2.00 a day, the food given to these children are complete meals they would not have if The Hope Foundation did not supply them.

Back to School is another project the Hope Foundation has begun that helps the children in the feeding programs to attend school. As the donations  come in we are able to provide a complete set of materials needed to get started in school.   We buy their backpacks, uniforms, socks, shoes, under garments, all their needed notebooks for each subject, extra paper, ink pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons, scissors, ruler, and glue.


Children’s Homes in The Philippines

Another focus of The Hope Foundation is to provide stable living environments for homeless children. Our approach to this need is not only to build clean secure facilities, but to provide a place they can call home.

Our goal is that each child receives the love, the nurture, and the spiritual and formal education needed to mold them into successful adults.

God’s Town Home

God's Town, Catbalogan, Philippines

God’s Town, Catbalogan, Philippines

As a result of this vision, after meeting Carol Leaphart of AIM ministries, we took on the responsibility of building a children’s home called God ’s Town with spacious rooms for the children and a large family style eating area for children Carol was caring for in her home in overcrowded conditions. We continue to contribute financial support to God ’s town.



Sarah Cha

Sarah Cha, Korean missionary, has also been working with The Hope Foundation since 1998. Her main focus in the ministry is to help people with their spiritual growth by teaching The Word of God. She has been leading Bible study in various places such as local churches, hospital, college campus and school. She shares The Word through internet with Overseas Filipino Workers as well. Another focus is to support children for their education need in accordance with the vision of the foundation. She has been extending financial support to indigent children to attend school, to the handicapped, and to the seminary student.